Early Out Program

Increase revenue and lower costs

Trinity Hopes Early Out Program Our Early Out program is customized for client needs because we understand that being unique means holding true to your company mission. Trinity Hope can act as an extension of your business office and still provide consumers the level of service and support you would deliver. Our goal is to help clients reduce cost, while effectively providing quality service for consumers and still maintain your business-consumer relationship.

How you can benefit from our Early Out program

  • Act as your "Extended Business Office" solution
  • Manage accounts that are outstanding from 0 to 90 days
  • Customized services designed specifically for client's needs
  • Blended rate for managing your entire self-pay population
  • Increase client's revenue and reduce cost
  • Full-service partner
  • Keeps clients focused on their business objectives and operations
  • Industry-leading technology
  • Detail reports and follow-ups
  • Seamless program integration
  • Reduce internal workload

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